Hosting – additional services

Usługi serwisowe
       In our company’s offer you will find services such as holding of the basic and extra DNS server, we will take care of the technical service of your web domain, so you will not be bothered with any technical details

       But if you need efficient and fail-safe corporate fax server, we have got a sensational solution based on HylaFAX for you. You will not need to use oldfashioned fax machines, waste paper and ink (etc.) anymore...

       You need your employees to connect the firm’s net safely? VPN will let them make safe and coded calls from any place in the world. Remember that only strong coding will guarrantee safe data transfers for you and your firm.

       And to make your life better, we will build you an Instant Messaging transfer system for your employees. Our solution is based on Jabber and it makes the calls safe with no tapping possibility in opposition to other most popular protocols available on the market.

Look in our price list and you will certainly find something for yourself.

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