NETinstal – Aims and the mission

     The NETinstal was founded in 2006 as an answer to the increasing need for broadly understood computer consulting services. We quickly specialized in delivering teleinformation solutions to small and medium firms. We also paid particular attention to the service of an educational units in the area of the Upper Silesia (IP monitoring system of schools and IP telephony). The firm’s principal aim is to introduce the cheap, but professional network solutions in the following fields:
    - VoIP Internet telephony
    - Hosting and designing websites
    - Designing and building the computer and teleinformation networks
    - Introducing the computer solutions based on OpenSource software
    - Buildings’ monitoring systems
    - Computer sale and maintenance
    - Technical service and consulting for enterprises and individuals

     If you or your firm is interested in assuming collaboration with us, please, contact us. We will gladly adjust our profile to your needs.

NETinstal President - Ewelina Biernat

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